3 Reasons to Choose HostManaged

Three Reasons to Consider HostManaged

During the 15 years we have been providing high-quality web hosting, we have learned a thing or two. We're not just web hosts; we're also webmasters. We know what is important; what makes your life easier; what keeps your visitors coming back.

Best Reason = Best Value

HostManaged gives you the best bang for the buck. Our servers are all high-end speed demons with top of the line accoutrements. For example, all of our servers take advantage of the speed and safety of RAID-10. We design our architecture for speed and never "over sell." Over selling is filling up the server with as many websites as possible, regardless of the impact on performance.

We do Managed right

Managed hosting was devised to give you a hassle-free hosting environment, freeing you to focus on running your business.

Great, right? Then why are there so many definitions of "managed?"

Typically, managed hosting is described as the service provider setting up and configuring the hardware, operating systems and system software; maintaining and monitoring the hardware; updating and patching the system and software.

Sounds like you have it made, eh? But what about disaster recovery, DDoS (distributed denial of service) prevention and mitigation, intrusion detection, security monitoring and vulnerability scans?

HostManaged managed hosting, from shared to dedicated, includes

  • Hardware configuration and optimization
  • Hardware management and upgrades
  • Software installation, optimization and upgrades
  • Server monitoring and proactive trouble shooting
  • Daily backup and disaster recovery
  • Multiple security layers with auditing and response
  • Control panel setup
In addition, Conciergetm level provides SEO metrics and keyword tracking, reputation management, security scanning and performance monitoring. Near real-time backups are available along with the ability to upload backups to your own external destination.

We live our motto: Speed, Security, Support

Fast, secure servers are a given. But what about support?

Our support team is quick to respond, always friendly and intuitively helpful. All support techs are Level II and Level III so you can be sure the tech that picks up your support request can identify and solve your problem quickly and efficiently.

A small sampling of comments from our clients we have received just this year:

Almost every site we host (thanks to you) has considerable speed and performance improvements.
-- Joshua

Thank you! I’m always so pleased at what a watchdog you and the system are!
-- Marie

Your service is excellent and I can't imagine going back to other services now.
-- David

You have awesome customer service, by the way. The best I've ever had by far in this industry. Thank you!!!
-- Margaret

You’re the best and thank you!!
-- Susan