Domain Discounts

New domain registrations and domains transfered at the time you order web hosting are discounted 40% to 60% off of the regular registration and renewal price.  May not apply to some top level domains (TLDs).  Renewals are made at the normal rate for hosted domains -- domains that point to a website hosted by HostManaged.

New domain registrations and transfers may not be transferred away within 60-days of registration or transfer.  (This is an ICANN rule.)  Discounted domains are subject to a fee if hosting is cancelled within 90-days.

Resellers and devlelopers may not purchase discounted domains on behalf of their clients for hosting in their reseller or developer account.  We do offer a competetive reseller domain registration price to developers with active hosting accounts.  Contact the Accounts Team for details.

Please read refunds and cancellations for more information.
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