Managed Hosting Overview

What is Managed Hosting?

Managed is such a nebulous term. It seems as if every hosting provider has a different definition, some more useful than others.

Most managed hosting providers share at least a minimal set of characteristics. Services provided beyond the minimum are most important to usefulness and, ultimately, your satisfaction. Here, we share exactly what you can expect from HostManaged managed hosting.

Benefits to you:

Optimized Performance

Enhanced Security

Scalable Solutions

You can focus on business

Managed Hosting Characteristics

Common, Core Managed Hosting Features
OS Management and Updates
Server Level Security
Server Performance Tuning
Disaster Recovery (backups)

Managed Hosting Flavors

Shared Hosting

All responsible web hosts manage their web servers, monitoring their servers and updating applications that support hosting websites. A webmaster on an unmanaged hosting plan is responsible for managing their website code, combating security threats and optimizing their hosting environment.

HostManaged lifts the technical burden with managed hosting that provides expertise in the critical areas of security and performance.

HostManaged Shared Hosting Features
Website Performance Monitoring
Install & Update 150+ Applications
Right Security Threats
Individualized Website Backups

Dedicated Hosting

Managed dedicated hosting includes several single-tenant platforms including dedicated servers, dedicated Cloud (IAAS), Cloud and virtual servers.

Dedicated hosting is particularly difficult for busy business persons and creative webmasters due to the myriad threats on the 'Net and the specialized skills needed to manage a platform. HostManaged brings these skills to bear while helping you select the right platform, through provisioning, deploying, hardening and managing your corner of the Internet.

Developer Hosting

Other than your creative efforts, the one quality that impacts how your clients and potential clients view you is your selection of a hosting platform.

HostManaged Developer Hosting (our "reseller" plan) puts your best foot forward. Three tiers of hosting (compare tiers ) give you as little or as much help as you need. Our unique Conciergesm approach offers features not available with other managed providers.